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  • You should understand that by accessing and using Conconverter's services, you acknowledge that you are bound by the following terms of use, privacy policy and copyright information. The terms and conditions of use cover the entire website and the use of any API.
  • At any time, we have the right to change or modify the terms and conditions of use at our discretion, and clearly state the change or amendment and the exact date of such change or amendment at the top of this page.
  • Data maintenance responsibility

  • We always try our best to make our service better. Nevertheless, it is your responsibility to back up your files, as we will not back up your files for privacy reasons.
  • There is no guarantee that users' files or converted files will never be deleted, deleted or lost. By using Conconverter service, you agree not to be responsible for any conversion failure or deletion of your files (including any damage caused by the above loss). We strongly recommend that each user create a file archive and back up all files and data.
  • Copyright

  • It is strongly prohibited to use our services and intellectual property rights for any form of infringement or related acts.
  • We don't supervise the content of our customers because we respect the copyright of our customers. Therefore, we hope others will respect the copyright of others. It is expressly prohibited to use our services for the purpose of any unauthorized reproduction, distribution and any other infringement of copyright. You should also understand and acknowledge that all trademarks and copyrighted materials published on our website are owned by us or our partners and protected by law.
  • Please confirm the ownership of your documents or our services for free.
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